Our Philosophy

At the center of the NINE O soul lies the belief that the spaces we hang out in—office, home, public space, the deli, the library... everywhere—influence our moods, our creativity, our desire to connect, our intellectual curiosity, and every other important component of our happiness. Spaces don’t dictate these things, but they definitely influence them. And one of the elements in many of these spaces that begs for attention (and rarely gets it) is walls. It might get a bit of attention after we’ve moved in and realized how bare/plain/boring the space feels. But even then, it seems like we naturally move down the path of least resistance to fill those walls. We put up a bazillion pictures without giving much thought to design strategy or making something meaningful to look at. Or, even worse, we hop on a website that cranks out prints of whales and flowers, and once in a while a nice image of the ocean (no offense to whales, flowers, or the ocean), and give ourselves about 5 minutes to choose what’ll be on our wall for the next 7 years.

We’re on a mission to bring more interest and functionality to a 90 degree plane. We’re proud of our current product lineup, and we’re super excited to be introducing a steady stream of new items over the coming months. Hopefully you see something you like! Please sign up to stay in touch so we can keep you up to date on the great stuff designed to make your walls more meaningful, functional and beautiful.