A custom solution for commercial spaces.

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Maximize your walls.

Our mission is to help you maximize the usability of your walls in a way that inspires and energizes all who enter your space.

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Increase productivity, creativity, and unity.

Your workspace can be an inspiration to clients, employees, and visitors. PNLZ helps you celebrate greatness while energizing the space.

Keep your environment fresh with easy change-out tiles.

Our PNLZ system is modular and customizable, allowing you to easily adjust the mood, productivity, and impact of your walls.

Simple installation onto existing walls.

We design and manufacture right here in the USA, and we've crafted the PNLZ system to install in minutes not hours. For a normal "Joe" or for a handyman, installation is a breeze.

How It Works

We cut a grid pattern of windows in laminate-faced plywood sheets, then integrate decorative and functional tiles into those windows. Our tiles offer limitless possibilities in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and branding. They can be customized to be logo tiles, donor tiles, image tiles, but also bookshelves, desks, marker-boards, sound dampeners. You can experiment with materials such as leather, concrete, turf, stone, dirt, anything meaningful for your company. This incredibly versatile system caters to both decorative and organizational needs.


This is an example of a 3:2 Layout.
What's Customizable
  • Layout (Window Configuration)
  • Face Material
  • Window Size
  • Border Size/Shape
  • Divider Size
  • Tiles
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All About PNLZ™

PNLZ™ is our patented display system with limitless configurations to help you maximize the walls of your business or workspace.

Common Requests
  • Logo Walls
  • Team Walls
  • Sound Dampening
  • Brand/Value Walls

PNLZ™ is a customizable display and organization system with Layouts and Tiles designed to help you maximize the walls in your workspace.

Layouts & Tiles

The PNLZ™ system stands out for its exceptional layout flexibility, accommodating designs of any height or width to match any size wall, while the versatile range of Tiles offers infinite configurability for your space. These adaptable Panels can feature images, sound-dampening properties, logos, concrete, wood, shelves, hooks, dry-erase boards, and myriad other elements, making the design possibilities virtually boundless. With PNLZ™, the only constraint is your imagination, enabling you to craft spaces that align perfectly with your unique vision and needs.

Example Layouts
3x4 layout
2x3 layout
4x4 layout
6x4 layout
Completely Customizable

The PNLZ™ system offers unparalleled flexibility in design, allowing you to create a limitless array of immersive experiences. With its innovative panel and tile configuration, PNLZ™ empowers you to easily adapt and reconfigure your spaces, fostering endless possibilities for your creative expression and functional customization. This versatile system represents a game-changing approach to interior design, where the only limitation is your imagination.

How Companies Use PNLZ™

Companies are harnessing the versatility of PNLZ™ in diverse ways, leveraging it to create dynamic Team Walls, eye-catching Logo Walls, and effective Sound Dampening solutions. Furthermore, PNLZ™ serves as a canvas for Branding, Murals, Quotes, and Values, transforming mundane walls into immersive brand experiences that not only beautify the workspace but also convey a company's culture and identity, fostering a more engaging and inspiring workplace environment.

Example uses include:

  • Team walls
  • Logo Walls
  • Sound Dampening
  • Branding
  • Mural / Quote / Backdrop
  • Values Walls


  • Lobby / Reception
  • Conference Rooms
  • Huddles
  • Executive Spaces
  • Breakrooms
  • Team Pods
  • Hallways
  • Private Office (great for video call backdrop)

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