Modern, Modular Panel System for Organization and Display 

We designed DASH as a tool to beautify, organize, collaborate, or to simply show off your favorite pictures in any residential or commercial space. It does it all, and does it in the vibe and style of your particular taste. 

DASH is made from the finest, pre-finished sheets of 18mm Baltic Birch plywood, currently offered in select veneers and laminate colors. Its unique window design allows our proprietary modules--everything from shelving and desks to decorative dimensional tiles--to integrate with the panel in any configuration you like. And it's infinitely reconfigurable!


Panels + Modules + Tiles

Three components make a complete DASH system. PANELS come in various sizes, ranging from small to large, and we even clad entire walls based on custom dimensions. MODULES are functional plug and play solutions that insert easily into the windows on the panels. The most common are shelves, hooks, desks, felt soundproofing, and dry erase... and we're adding more every week. TILES can either slide into a single window or span across multiple windows at once. They give color and texture to enhance or compliment the desired vibe of a space. They often take the form of acoustical felt to provide a beautiful sound-dampening solution. Modules and Tiles can be mixed endlessly in any configuration, and repositioned in seconds. 

Sizes for any space, alcove, or nook.

DASH Panels are made in various sizes, including custom (reach out to us for more info on custom sizes). Currently our smallest is the 2:3 (21.3"W x 29.4"H) and our largest is the 4:6 (38.9"W x 55.1"H). 

To understand how we name the various parts of the DASH system, you count the number of windows across then the number of windows down. For example, a 2:3 Panel (shown below, left) has 2 windows across and 3 windows down. For a 4:6 Panel (shown below, right) there are 4 windows across and 6 windows down. 


It's an incredible way to save floor space and provide a totally customizable and super useful work area for kids and adults, crafters and writers, and professionals of all sorts.

Custom Sizes

We've done a huge variety of custom DASH sizes for customers and clients, sometimes cladding entire walls from edge to edge, floor to ceiling. 

Reach out to us for more info and top get an estimate for your project. 

**The DASH system has utility and design patents pending**